Ostrožac castle 1

Visit the breathtaking Ostrožac Castle

Ostrožac Castle is a castle located in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Una-Sana Canton just outside the town of Cazin, near the village of Ostrožac. 

First mentioned in 1286, Ostrožac capitulated to Turkish forces in 1577, was swiftly regained then lost again by 1579. It was the seat of local captains for 250 years and was restored with its current picture-book look around 1905, by an unknown member of the Habsburgh family The central lawn contains an interesting sculpture garden, founded in 1969.

It’s one of Bosnia’s most photogenic castles, a spooky Gothic place with plenty to explore from various epochs, ramparts to walk, towers to climb and a manor house on the verge of collapse that all add to the thrill (and danger) of poking about.

Ownership of the castle is still disputed, but citizens of Cazin and Ostrozac are permitted to use the castle grounds local concerts and entertainment. The castle is slowly being repaired and it is rumored that it has been sold by the government to a private owner.