Visit the incredibly beautiful Raketnica River Canyon

Rakitnica River, one of the largest tributaries of the deep Neretva River, has carved a largely inaccessible, 26-kilometer-long and incredibly beautiful canyon between Bjelašnica and Visočica Mountains.

It’s one of the deepest canyons in Europe and this truly natural wonder is only 30 kilometers from Sarajevo. Rakitnica River is a natural wonderland and idyllic morphological phenomenon and a must see for visitors of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thanks to its unique beauty and inaccessibility, Rakitnica Canyon serves as a true challenge for mountaineers, rafters, fishermen and everyone else who loves wild and untouched nature. May and October are the best months to visit  and its breath-taking waterfalls. The so called “tourist route” follows the last 6-7 kms of the Rakitnica River canyon as far as the mouth of the Neretva River, meandering along to the last bends around the Ostro peak. The term “tourist” shouldn’t undermine the trip, as it is extremely rewarding yet very demanding and not risk free, and therefore requires physical fitness, a good resistance in cold temperatures and deft ability in the water.

There are many varieties of endemic flora and fauna that can be found along the entire canyon. Bears, wolves, boars, foxes and mountain goats have all found a safe haven in this incredibly rich area, which is also home to 32 endemic plant species.

Rakitnica’s crystal clear water, which is fed by mountain streams, can be drunk at any point along the canyon.