Legends of the Bobija’s Eye

Bobija’s Eye is an interesting karst phenomenon located at the foot of Bobija Hill, in the wider area of Lusci Palanka, a place about twenty kilometers from Sanski Most.

At a bottom of large and spacious Karts bay, there’s a small lake which size depeds on the season and rainfall.

The locals say that when the whole area is watched from nearby hills looks like a big eye, which is why is it called this way.

Geological research has shown that it is a large cavity in karst soil, which is connected to a network of underground watercourses that extend for miles below the surface of the earth.

Due to the two-way movement of water, it is estevela, which has high water levels and heavy rainfall characteristics, while at low water level it becomes an abyss.

Nearly three decades ago, research has shown that the Bobija Eye is probably related to the huge underground reservoir of fresh water located in the area below Palanac Field and to the sources of the Dabar and Zdena rivers.

According to the locals, a special color released on the occasion after a few days appeared on the sources of the two mentioned rivers.

A number of folk tales, stories and legends are tied to this locality, and so are told about fairies and elves who hike in the Karst spring at night and play their cars.

Legend has it that fairies and elves visit this place every night.

One story tells that a peasant had fallen into the abyss of a sheep and was found at a nearby spring several days later where water had allegedly thrown her out.

Interestingly, a few years ago, a group of English speleological divers visited the Bobby Eye exploring about a hundred meters of underground water labyrinths.

On this occasion, it was confirmed that the depths of this estevil are inhabited by a human fish, an endemic amphibian from prehistory that survived only in completely clear and murky waters.