srebrenik fortress

Visit the birthplace of the first Bosnian king, Srebrenik Castle

Many tourists that visit Bosnia aren’t aware of it’s incredibly old history. Some sources claim that country has exited since 12th century, and others say that it’s even older, 10th century. We have a few things left from the Middle Ages, some documents, some tombstones and a few castles. One of those castles is the birthplace of the first Bosnian king, Tvrtko I KotromanićSrebrenik or Gradina Castle.

Standing proudly on the top of the hill with absolutely stunning panorama, this silent giant from 1333 witnesses the old times as a guardian of Bosnian king’s spirit. So, if you happen to be in the far north of the country, in the region of Tuzla City, it would be a pity to miss this historical spot.

The Srebrenik Castle is situated above the town of the same name, in the valley of a small river called Tinja, only 36 km from the city of Tuzla. Located on the lonely rock, this edifice, also known as Gradina Fortress, is perfectly blended with it, looking like grown out of it. The whole construction is in an excellent condition. It is composed of a complex with four towers and a castle, and with 1,5 meters thick walls. Its isolated position, where the only way to enter is the wooden bridge that connects the rock with the surrounding hills, made the Srebrenik Castle almost an unconquerable edifice. During the Middle Ages, this area was a battlefield for many fights between Bosnia and Hungary, and as from the 15th century, the Ottoman Empire as well.

There is a legend saying that the Ottoman army was superior regarding the number of soldiers, but the Bosnians were wise and they outplayed them. While leaving the fort during the night, the defenders shoed their horses upside down, so that it looked like traces of the arriving reinforcement. When the Ottomans saw it, they didn’t dare to attack for a long period of time. Abandoned and forgotten for centuries, the Srebrenik Castle was re-discovered only 70 years ago.

When you arrive at this place, you will surely feel like marching into several centuries in the past. The quiet and giant Srebrenik Castle, the birthplace of the first Bosnian king, will teleport you in the ancient times just by exploring its vast corridors. If you listen carefully, you might even hear the sound of zurna, an old woodwind instrument, playing in the distance and calling back the spirit of the medieval times in Bosnia.