Why you should visit Srebrenica- Potočari Memorial Centre

While there are many picturesque and beautiful things to see in BiH, the truth is that out history was very dark at times. Locals usually urge tourists to visit Srebrenica-Potočari Memoiral Centre because it helps to see the entire picture. This visit might be very emotional, but it can also be a life changing experience and teach us valuable lessons.

Now, in case you haven’t ever heard of Srebrenica, you might be wondering what is this memorial centre about.  During the war in the 1990s Srebrenica was a town that was declared a UN Safe Zone and had thousands of refugees from East Bosnia living inside of it. Untill 11th of July 1995.

Over 8,000 Bosnian men were executed by the Bosnian Serb Army in the Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovinan enclave of Srebrenica. These killings became the single largest massacre to take place on the European continent since World War II. Inside a former battery factory, where the Army separated families before the executions, the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center & Cemetery (SPMCC) offers a space for prayer and remembrance and serves as a final resting place for many of those massacred. In the Spomen Soba (Memorial Room), visitors  hear testimonials, watch film installations, and view recovered artifacts. In the on-site cemetery, a memorial wall is inscribed with the names of the 8,372 victims and provides one of the largest open-air Muslim prayer spaces in Europe. The SPMCC dedicates its knowledge, experience, and energy to ensuring that the Srebrenica story is heard by the whole world so as to avert future genocide.

Pay your respects to the victims by visiting SPMC and help in making sure that their memory lives on.