Enjoy the fairytale-like nature in Una National Park

Una National Park  was established on 29 May 2008 around the rivers Upper Una River, Krka and the Unac. It is Bosnia and Herzegovina’s largest and most recently established national park. The main purpose of the park is to protect the unspoiled Una river and its tributaries Krka and Unac, which run through it.

The park covers 198 square kilometres of land on Bosnia’s border with Croatia, a mass of verdant forests and quite magnificent waterways.

Area of the park has rich cultural-historic heritage and numerous archaeological sites, many dating from the prehistoric period. Significant historical and cultural heritage of the area within and outside the park zone are the Roman fort Milančeva Kula, Rmanj Monastery, medieval fortress Ostrovica above Kulen Vakuf, as well as outside the park zone Sokolačka Kula fortress in Sokolac village near Bihać and Ostrožac Castle between Bihać and Bosanska Krupa.

Una National Park is also noted for its biodiversity, with 30 fish species, 130 bird species, and other animals, including lynx, fox, wolf, bear and chamois.

Waterfalls are something  that really takes the breath away, including arguably the two finest waterfall networks in the country. Štrbački buk makes for the perfect centrepiece, while Martin Brod is the largest complex of falls in the park and a stunning main event.

Una National Park has something for everyone.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a history or a nature lover, or  you just want to relax in a really beautiful place, Una National Park is a place to go.