Foto: Lejla Žunić/Sarajevska sehara

Photo gallery/ Bukovik – an oasis of peace near Sarajevo

Although based on its economic situation Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the poorest countries in Europe, when we talk about natural resources, things are completely different. It is a generally known fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in natural resources and beauties that are often written about even by reputable world media, and one part of that is certainly Bukovik.

Located at 1534m above sea level, Bukovik is the highest peak of the mountain Ozren, which is located northeast of Sarajevo. According to many, the hike to Bukovik is one of the technically easier tours, which can be easily mastered even by “beginners”, especially if you decide to start your hike from Nahorevo. Since the mountain is networked with many hiking routes, the whole time you go through “by foot” created route, which is suitable for both hiking and biking. Also, the plan is to pave most of it, which has already begun. You should keep in mind that this is a mountain area, so you will inevitably get tired, but another good news is that along the entire trail there are many mountain lodges and other restaurants where you can take a break and drink a cup of tea or coffee. In addition, since Bukovik is known, among other things, for its numerous sources of drinkable water, we can not fail to mention the fountains that you will also encounter throughout the trip.

After an easy (an hour at most) long walk through the forest, you will reach the Skakavac waterfall, one of the most important natural monuments and tourist attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina – an area that leaves no one indifferent to the incredible views. Skakavac waterfall originates from the eponymous stream that springs right on Bukovik and is almost 100m high, which makes it the highest waterfall in the counrty. Bukovik is located only 2 to 3km from that point.

Another popular tour is Čavljak – Crepoljsko – Bukovik, which is also suitable for almost all ages, but it is a 16km long route. Towards Crepoljsko polje, which is only 10m lower than Bukovik, leads a macadam road in a fairly good condition, which is why this point can be reached by car. Arriving to Crepoljsko, the most exhausting part of the tour ends so the rest of the way to Bukovik is much easier to bear. On that same road you will find the necropolis of (79) tombstones Luka, which is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Almost untouched nature – pastures, glades and hills covered with grass, as well as a mixed coniferous forest, makes Bukovik a real visual paradise. In addition, it is rich in rare species of birds and game, and on the floor there is another mountain lodge where you can eat, drink and relax. It is also interesting that, on a perfectly clear day, from this place you can see even the top of the mountain Durmitor, which is located in Montenegro.

Bukovik is an ideal place not only for those who enjoy cycling or hiking, but also an equally good and effective solution for those who want to escape from the hectic city life, because it offers the necessary rest and can certainly be considered an oasis of peace.