Visit the 16th century Kajtaz House in Mostar

Hidden behind tall walls, Mostar’s most historic old house was once the harem (female) section of a larger homestead built for a 16th-century Turkish judge.

Full of original artefacts, it still belongs to descendents of the original family, but now it’s under UNESCO protection.

The roof was lost in wartime bombardments but otherwise the pretty half-timbered structure has survived remarkably intact, including the carved-wood ablution boxes and the pebble-floored kitchen with meat-hanging beams. Out of season, opening hours are hit-and-miss.

Its exterior features a blend of pearl white and dark brown surrounded by flowers. Men’s and women’s quarters are separated, and the entire landscape is protected by a high wall for privacy and shade. You can take a guided tour of the whole site, inside and out. Make sure you visit when you come to Mostar.